What is an external CSS

As you can read from the word “External”, all styling CSS writing are saved in a single external text file, which is saved as CSS FILE. All CSS Files must have the .css extension, Meaning all css Files should be saved with .css extension, it is saved as File.css. Your chosen name of the file dot CSS. The external CSS Files are referenced in the HTML using this tag <link>. the referenced CSS File is written inside the link TAG ass follows:–

We need to write our external CSS File in order to have our prargraphs styled with  blue background … Continue reading What is an external CSS

what is an internal css

Internal CSS  are embedded STYLES which are defined with in the <style> element inside the Head of an HTML Script code. The Embedded CSS Style Code must  be written inside HEAD Section in a HTML CRIPT with the following structure. <html><head> Embed Your Style here… <head></html> For Example, the following Code styles all Paragraphs, making the background blue and the writing color white.  

      The result of the above embedded styles is shown on the following image. Continue reading what is an internal css

what is inline CSS

Inline CSS is inserting unique style in a single HTML Element. You use the Inline CSS STYLE to apply a Style on Single HTML Element. To use the Inline CSS,  add the Style attribute to the relevant HTML Tag.  Let us do some Examples and see that in Action.

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CSS stands for cascading Style Sheets.

CSS is an abbreviation word and stands for cascading Style Sheets for Web pages. Cascading ->means the way CSS applies one Style on top of another Style Style Sheets control  the look and feel of Web Pages CCS is how HTML elements appears on Screens and other Media devices.   CSS and HTML work together hand in hand. HTML sorts out the Page Structure, while CSS defines how the HTML elements are displayed on the Page. Learning CSS is learning how to design the feel and the look of Web pages and for that you need to know the Structure … Continue reading CSS stands for cascading Style Sheets.